Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Caricatures

I was invited to draw caricatures at a Halloween party last night, and here are my ten faves.  (Click to enlarge)

I solved my problem of smearing ink, mostly, by bringing along a little piece of cardboard, which I used to occasionally fan the caricatures as I worked.

I changed from one brand of marker to another, for my gray tone.  The new one blends together better.

I'm trying to push myself into cartoonier territory, which I think helped to make this new batch better than the last batch I posted.  What do you think?


Joe Crawford said...

I like them - really well done blend of realness and cartooniness! Well-observed.

Anonymous said...

Those are super nice! I agree they blend the real and cartoony very well.

Are you blocking them in lightly with a pencil first?

Chris_Garrison said...

No, I rough them out with a Prismacolor marker I got at Forstall, called Cool Grey 10%. It's very light, so by the time I'm done with the rest, it's basically invisible. And no erasing!

The Birmingham Free Press said...

These are all great Chris. You are quite the talent.

Chris_Garrison said...

Thanks, BFP!

John Wright, Jr. said...

Hi, Chris,
Just stumbled across these.
They are delightful and
make me smile and laugh.
Isn't that what caricatures
are supposed to do!