Saturday, January 28, 2006

Us Two

Me and my Sylvia (best girl ever).

Gil's Wives

Felano-lami, Manini, Saranimsay, and Boshnipu.

Gil' and Enk' with Full Armor and Mounts

Utnapishtim and Urshanabi

Utnapishtim, aka the Far-Away, who lives forever at the mouths of the rivers. Also, Urshanabi, the boatman.

Ishtar and Samishu

The Goddess of Love and War, and one of her priestesses.


Humbaba - Guardian of the Cedars. He wears seven layers of armor.

Enkidu and Gilgamesh

But I think I'll change Enk's design.


I made this mock-up movie poster, to go with an action-comedy screenplay I wrote with my buddy John Walker, III.

A Party For Arty

Here's a poster I drew for a short film, produced by Pantu-Tanosimi Corporation of America.

So You Want to Make a Movie

A brief excerpt from a pamphlet I wrote and drew for Birmingham's Sidewalk Motion Picture Festival. They show it to high schoolers, to give them tips and tricks on making short films. Download the whole, 4 page thing as a pdf, here (on the upper right).

Eberhard Sketches

Eberhard Faber the 8th is an arctic wolf, and heir to the pencil fortune. And he's a glam rocker. Early sketches.

Gritter Aging

Professor Pantywinkle

Gritter - The Scam in Alabam'

This is the first page of a comic I did for Greater Birmingham Ministries. It explains all about the problems with campaign finance in Alabama. You can read all six pages at The Scam in Alabam'.

Love's Rich Bounty

This is from an old cartoon I made for MTV's Cartoon Sushi. You can see the whole thing (it's about a minute) at Love's Rich Bounty.

Oogataki Bookmark

Televangelist Ray Lovelady sends his Glory-bot to bring a message of salvation to the people of Cincinnatti.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Heyyy 02


Day One

Heath made me start this. Are you happy now, HEATH?!!