Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kablooey Extras

Over at Zoo Laffs (my weekly webcomic on, I just finished up a 10-part story.  It's called Kablooey!!!, and it stars Jakey the Jerk and Sassafras Vallee.  (If you'd like to read it from the beginning, start HERE.)

It seems like it went over pretty well with the readers, so I thought maybe a few people would enjoy some behind the scenes stuff.  So now, here are a few of the DVD Special Features.

These, I think, are the first drawings of Jakey ever. (click any of these images to enlarge) --

For some reason, I did my writing for Kablooey in longhand.  Here's a typical page of the script (although most pages didn't have any sketches on them).  Note the numbers, where I'm trying to work out what to put in which panel.

Here's a look at the design process for our heroine.  It took me three pages of my sketchbook before I felt like I'd hit upon a pretty good Sassafras.  Here are all three pages.  Maybe you like one of the earlier versions better, eh?

I like to plan out the pages before I start the actual drawing, to work out the panel layouts and acting beats.  Here's my rough idea for the beginning of part 9:

Then I pencil it for rilz:

For this story, I inked it on my light table, instead of doing it digitally.  Here's how that page turned out:

Hopefully, I'll get to come back to Jakey and Sassafras before too long.  Although I do have a few other things I want to do first.