Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I went down to the college campus with Ed Abernathy today, and we drew a bunch of caricatures.  Here are mine (click to enlarge) --

I definitely need to work on my caricaturing skills, if I ever want to call myself a proper caricaturist.  This one of Wallace is nice, though. I decided to start using one gray marker today, and I think it worked out pretty well.

I love to use my favorite brush pen, but I keep smearing it.  I guess I'll have to either be really careful, or else start using a less smeary brand for caricatures.  I hated giving people these messy pictures with my fingerprints all over them.

The best one of the day:

Thanks for a fun time, kids!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Zoo Laffs Contest Prizes

Over at my weekly webcomic Zoo Laffs, I'm holding some silly contests. The winners will be allowed to choose between the following wildly desirable prizes. There are nine of them.

All these things are in okay-but-not-completely-fantastic condition. That's a technical term, often used by professional appraisers.

Sorry for the slightly blurry pictures. I took them with my phone. I assure you these objects are not blurry in real life. (click the pics to enlarge)



This guy is seemingly handmade, probably crocheted or knitted or whatever by someone's grandmother. He's super clean and nice. 25" head to toe.

Read about the rest of the prizes by clicking Read More >>, below.

Zoo Laffs Coloring Contest

If you'd like to enter the Zoo Laffs Coloring Contest, please use this high-res image. Click to enlarge, then right-click or control-click to save it. And thanks for entering!