Friday, June 1, 2012

Jakey the Jerk, #1

Jakey the Jerk is now in print.  Add this to your collection!

Issue #1 collects all the Jakey the Jerk strips so far from my weekly webcomic Zoo Laffs.

Jakey the Jerk is a little ram who has trouble with women.  Because he's a jerk.  In this issue: Jakey goes on a mountain hiking adventure with the beautiful and baffling folk singer, Sassafras Vallee.  Is she the girl for him?  (recommended for ages 13 & up ... give or take)

You might have read this online already, but if you buy the print comic, you get
  • the wonderful TACTILE sensation of holding the comic in your HAND and turning the PAGES
  • the satisfaction that comes with the feeling of OWNERSHIP, and the ability to actually HAVE these comics among the precious THINGS that you have gathered throughout your life
  • the warm feeling that comes from ENCOURAGING an artist to keep MAKING stuff, not just for his own personal enjoyment, but for actual monetary RECOMPENSE
Only $2.99.  Order now!