Thursday, January 20, 2011

Inking in Manga Studio

You already know about my adventures in digital inking, if you've read these posts on my sketch blog: Inking in Flash, Inking in Illustrator (calligraphic brush), and Inking in Illustrator (art brushes).

Now I've been trying out Manga Studio. I have to say, I think it's pretty awesome! Here are some examples, with different settings on the brushes. With some more dabbling, I think I could figure out several more nice looking methods, too.

I definitely found it faster, easier, more fun, and more accurate to my intentions than inking in Flash or Illustrator.

I've been using the non-vector style, but it can also do vector inking, and I suspect it would be good for that, too. (But note: You only get the vector option if you pay for the expensive version of Manga Studio.)


Cheese said...

The EX version of MS is totally worth it for the eyedropper alone, but the addition of additional brush patterns and being able to import 3d objects* make it a steal.

Here's a guy on Amazon who sells it for $104:

* I'm using the 3D feature for a comic story where the character drives a specific car. I found a model of in on Googles Sketch-up 3d archive and went through a few hoops to import it into MS. But I can bring it in, spin it around and set it where ever I want. I can then turn it into a blue line and ink it right into the story. Fookin' glate.

Chris_Garrison said...

Yeah, I saw the 3D thing in a very sparse video tour by the makers. Do you know of any good tutorial videos out there?

What's so special about the eyedropper?!

Norvin Mhao Dumalagan said...

from a simple scribbles into cool

Mike said...

Love the way you draw cars and funny-looking people. Thanks for following, and keep up the good work!

Chris_Garrison said...

Thanks, Norvin and Mike!