Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Inking in Illustrator

I've dabbled with inking in Flash, and now I'm trying my hand at inking in Illustrator. I'm using the Calligraphic Brush method. I like it okay, I guess. It seems like it's a little more controllable than Flash, but the result sort of feels more cold. I haven't quite made up my mind about it. Neither way is quite as accurate as I might want.

(painted in PhotoShop)

Next I want to try inking in Illustrator using a different technique, before I move on to trying other applications.


Cheese said...

Have you tried Manga Studio? It's pretty spiff, even the 'Debut' version is pretty fully packed and it's only $35 at Amazon right now. I liked it so much I upgraded to the full version, which has a thing that lets you import 3D models and use them as either line art or blue lines, neat! Anyways, it gets Cheese's seal of approval of awesome drawing stuffs, seriously, it helped me decide to go all digital.

Chris_Garrison said...

Hey, Cheese. I've been hearing that Manga Studio is great from a whole bunch of people, so it's next on my list. I guess I decided to start with Flash and Illustrator just so I could understand what so many folks have been doing, and so I could actually decide which application is best for myself, instead of just believing the hearsay. But I definitely plan to check out Manga Studio soon.

Thanks for visiting! Have fun at your jam tonight. :)

Norvin Mhao Dumalagan said...

is that a monkey?

Chris_Garrison said...

No, he's just sort of a tomato-nose guy.