Friday, July 29, 2011

Wanna Be a Zoo Laffs Guest Artist?

It sure would help me stay caught up on my webcomic Zoo Laffs, if I could occasionally present a strip by a guest artist. Do you want to do one? Drawing comics is fun! Especially drawing funny animals and cute girls. Plus, DummComics has a great following. Your strip will be enjoyed by thousands, and we can put up some links to your stuff or whatever.

You can use my characters -- Alistair Woods, Buckley, Jakey the Jerk, Michael the Armadillo, Perry & Sherry, The Nice Pair, Alex Gander, Onion Puss, HornDog, and Horatio Hamhockefeller -- or, if you think none of them are suited to your gags, you can make up new Zoo Laffs characters.

I'd dig it if your strip carries on in the Zoo Laffs tradition of jokes about girl trouble, revolving around meeting women, maintaining relationships, or suffering breakups. But if you want to buck the trend by exploring other subjects, that's cool too. I won't reject a strip just because it doesn't deal with romantic foibles.

Before you get too into it, email me a rough sketch or scriptlet. This way, if your joke is too similar to one of mine or another guest artist, we can nix it or rework it before you spend much time on it. Email me at cgarrison[at]

Don't have an idea for a Zoo Laffs strip? Email me anyway. If I like your work, I might just give you one of mine!

(Or, you could do a guest strip for Zoo Laffs' backup feature Inanimate Antics!)


Jwbalsley said...

Hey Chris, I was inquiring about the possibility of making a guest strip, I don't have any ideas just yet but maybe in the near future.

Here is my site,


Chris_Garrison said...

Cheers, Balsley! Your stuff is great! I'll try to email you this morning.

Matt Bixler said...

You better believe I'm getting in on this.

Alex Nall said...

Hey Chris! I'd really like to submit a rough sketch of a guest strip idea. Is there an e-mail address I can send it to? My e-mail is


Chris_Garrison said...

Sounds good, Alex. I'll email you.

Everybody else: please note that my email address is in the text above (just change the [at] to an @)